Next BMW X3???

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Could be.

Right now, the X3 might be the worse looking SUV out there. Suited only for those who must drive a BMW and nothing else.

The next version can only look better than the current model….

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  1. No clue how you’d think the X3 is the worst looking SUV out there (it’s actually one of the best, IMHO, compared to a lot of bland or just ugly monstrosities), and looks very solid and elegant without being huge.

    For a next model, it probably won’t do more than the typical BMW…same “idea” but a slightly massaged similar shape with a fresher face and rear, and complicated-up interior.

  2. BMW needs to be careful. The more they keep tweaking its design the closer they get to the Honda CRV….

  3. I dunno about that, I mean look at Acura… things can always be worse!

    Besides, what about the GLK?

  4. GLK wins the small ute ugly contest.

    I remember seeing a picture of a raised 3-Series Wagon riding on the platform of the Next Gen X3…it actually looked better than the X3 to me. BMW 328x or 335x…just makes more sense, but i guess it isn’t “different” enough.

  5. wow. the difference is so minute that I almost thought you shows the current version.

    The upcoming GLK is ugly and so is the Honda CRV. From a distance the front face looks like it’s missing a lower ‘jaw.’

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