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This illustration from Autozeitung seems to match all the spy pics I’ve seen of the new Mercedes E Class.
And it shows a more attractive car as well really like the headlights on this one.

Let’s hope the interior does look better (much better) than what we’ve seen so far…

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  1. Now i know a medication-free way to fall asleep when i’m having trouble- just look at a photo of the next E Class for a few minutes. It should do the trick nicely.

  2. The headlights remind me of the new Accord for some reason. I thought the goal was for the Asian cars to channel the Germans, not the other way around.

  3. I’m not likeing the design of ANY of the new Mercedes’ and I’ve tried! I wonder if this is going to have the cheap looking dash/door panels of the C class, or the unimaginative design of the S class?

  4. the headlight kinda reminds me of the infiniti M

    Re: carl
    the new Accord already looks like the current E class, so it could be a chicken-and-egg situation

  5. the new Accord already looks like the current E class

    In Wonderland maybe. It looks like a BMW copy.

  6. I like Mercedes, but I’m not feeling this. Haven’t liked the E class since the old 300/400 series. At least quality seems up?

  7. Probably the best value in the MB line up.

    “Mercedes” and “best value” are not synonymous terms.

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