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Sharing a platform with the Fiat 500, the next Ford Ka will just be too small for the US (unless gas hits $10 a gallon soon).

We’ll just have to be happy to get the Fiesta.
And maybe the Fiat 500, who knows…

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  1. I don’t think because it is small, Vince. Smart cars are doing pretty well here so far at least in my neck of the wood. The problem is that the Smart cars look different from all other cars while the Ka looks like another generic Ford.

  2. The Ka was a big hit in Europe because it was so cool and innovative looking. The 841 poster has obviously never seen or driven one. It is now long in the tooth and needs updating. Hopefully, they will decide to bring it over here, given the success of many small cars, including the tired smart car (drove that thing 5 years ago), with gas prices going up up up.

  3. It looks like a bean.

    That flat black area in front of the side mirrors is as stupid as the rear side window on a Chrysler Sebring sedan.

  4. i don’t think the size has an impact on it. Toyota has the Yaris/Scion xB/xD and Honda has the Fit and they are both doing well. The Smart has a year and half wait-list in my area and if I wanted one NOW, I’d have to shell out $6k more!

    On the other hand, the Aveo by Chevy is lamented on dealer’s lot in my area.

    It is all about perceived reputation. Chevy does not have it. Ford does not have it … Toyota and Honda have them out-the-ying-yang. And if you don’t have it, you better make sure it looks cool and different enough like the Smart.

    This Ka won’t do well …

  5. Funny how you make 10$ a gallon sound so expensive.. Gas is actually exactly 10$ a gallon over here in Europe!

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