Next Mercedes CLS???

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I hope not.

This isn’t bad looking. But the Mercedes CLS is one of these cars that I hope never get redesigned.
Although I know it will….

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  1. Wow, if you had said that this was a future E or S class I would have said “okay, I can see it.” If this is the new CLS then it is starting to lose the coupe like image that made it so attractive. Maybe the front end has so much vertical space due to pedestrian safety standards in Europe.

  2. I always thought the current CLS looked a little droopy, especially in the rear and front.

    I like this rendering, to be honest. I think it would make an excellent next-gen CLS, being aggressive, yet unlike the current CLS, graceful in detail, and not so damn droopy.

  3. I find it funny that Mercedes headlights are going back to a more conventional design versus the circles….and the new E-Class seems to be getting square eyes instead of bug eyes now.

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