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I guess this was also taken at that same dealer meeting.
Even from this vague picture, it looks a bit more interesting than the new Scion.
The next redesigned version of the Nissan Cube is scheduled for the US.
With a 1.6 Liter engine.
I can’t wait. I’ve always liked the current model and thought it would have been a much better small Nissan than the ugly Versa.

Here is a cool commercial for the current Cube.

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  1. I guess it is more or less the same.
    When will we poor old saps in the U.S.A. get one of these?

    Love the Japanese commercials.

  2. Vince,from this picture it almost looks like the new Honda Crossroads from the B and C pillars and the way the back door window blends into the rear quarter window. If Honda was smart they would import the Crossroads to the states, but sadly I hear they have no plans to do so.

  3. It’s nice to see some sort of pics for the next gen Cube. I passed on the 1st gen Scion xB and regretted it horribly when they redesigned it while I wasn’t in the market for a new car.

    A 1.6 liter engine should provide a happy medium of efficiency and power for the US market, although personally I’d prefer better mpg than hp.

    The pic looks like somewhat scrubbed over to hide alot of the detail. Maybe some talented photoshop users could clean up the pic a bit for us?

    As long as it stays boxy, keeps the storage space and doesn’t sacrifice to much mpgs with the bigger engine, Nissan can expect me in their dealership in 2009.

  4. I like the cube and can see something like that occupying my garage when my wife gets ready to trade in her HHR.

    But common Nissan, bring something REALLY interesting. Bring back the S-cargo :p

  5. It is official. The Honda Element will have one more year to go(a 2009 model year will be its’ last). Afterwards the nameplate will retire along with recent Hondas like the Prelude and the Insight never to be heard from again! There will be no direct replacement for the Element and the Crossroads will not make it to our shores either.

  6. Reader 9:30,Never say never! Honda needs to replace the aging Element soon and there has been speculation that the neat little Crossroads would do the trick. I am also curious in the new Cube as well…If you want to see more on the Crossroad, go to my youtube blog :

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