next Subaru Outback

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It now looks like the production of the Subaru Exiga concept will become our next Outback.

This is the 1st official photo from Subaru.
I guess it will follow the “bigger and better” trend.

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  1. Just what America needs… Another gas hog with ground effects creating low ground clearance, an outdated transmission and a dorky eyesore to torture the public.

  2. Wow, I heaven’t heard someone say “dorky” since the 80’s! Anyway, that’s American linguistics for you. Hopefully Sube won’t stray too far from wagons. Crossovers are becoming tiresome, especially with the price of gas today.

  3. I totally agree! A freshened and updated modern looking ‘wagon’ with a 5 or 6 speed automatic transmission is what Subaru should set their sights and goals for. Crossovers are going to fade away like the 4 door hatchbacks did in the early 90’s.

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