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Someone sent me this from Japan.
It still look a lot like the current one. I’m still hoping that Nissan will come out with something a bit more exciting.
The Z is a great looking car.
Seems that Nissan is getting a bit scared with all their 2nd generation designs.
Then why redesign in the 1st place?

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  1. that’s it 100% finished. Every piece is 100% NEW, I wanted to keep it’s z-ness, you know like we did with Murano, anyhoo it’s a beastly little brother to the GTR, you will love.

  2. DUDE You have no opinion what goes into the Z unless your from japan. Spy king is a fake!! Admitt it!!

  3. Riiiiight. You work for Nissan and YOU are responsible for all of this.

    You, sir, are an idiot.

    I am tired of Nissans designs aside from the GT-R. All of their new cars look like they are bars of soap. They are blinding consumers with electronic gadgets and add-ons so they do not see the cheap interior materials or poor fit and finish. The public is stupid.

  4. They need to be a LITTLE more adventurous in their redesigns. The new G Coupe and Sedan just looked like they put the original designs under a heat lamp to melt a little bit then released them back out into the wild.

  5. Isn’t this already out there? It’s in the Road and Track I got a few days ago and I’ve saw it several weeks ago on another blog!

  6. That is one REALLY crappy photochop. Looks like they took an old 300Z photo and slapped some new Maxima headlights on it; these don’t even match the spy shots we’ve seen. Why bother posting this?

  7. Nissan’s new headlamps are nasty. I do like the 350, but the details are bad. Like the industrial refrigerator looking door handles, which appear to still be on the new one. Or that big crossmember in the trunk. Or the typical nissan, badly designed interior. Just about everything is overdesigned or underdesigned. All fixed with the G Coupe.

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