Opel Insignia Hatchback

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No big surprises here.
A wagon would follow as well, and probably a coupe.
And unfortunately, I really don’t think Saturn will offer the hatch in the US.Sales of the Mazda6 Hatch were pretty much a disaster over here.
And nobody wants to take that chance again….

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  1. Mazda6 hatch and wagon were a success in Canada.

    I don’t know why people hate hatches so much in a car.

  2. It seems like people get hatchbacks and wagons mixed up. The Mazda6 was a true hatchback. and sadly I like the Mazda6; mainly the hatch version. The Insignia hatchback is also a true hatchback. Everyone calls the Mazad3 and Impreza hatchbacks, but really they are little wagons. I think if more cars were like the Mazda6 hatchback, they would sell a lot better, than the “hatchback wagons”.

  3. Yes, in Canada hatchbacks and wagons generally do quite well. People up here seem to appreciate the practical nature of such vehicles … and don’t view these body styles as “cheap” or “nerdy” in the way they seem to be perceived in the US. I guess in the US hatchbacks STILL conjure up images of 1970’s / 1980’s econo-cars like the Ford Pinto, Chevrolet Vega, Plymouth Horizon, AMC Pacer, Chevrolet Chevette and Ford Escort.

  4. If they advertise, they will sell! Simple as that. You know why SUVs STILL sell like hot cakes? Because people KNOW about them. This makes me so angry.

  5. I agree with jw when he (or she) says that cars like the mazda 3 hatch and the impreza hatch are really little wagons. It is too bad though that hatches don’t do well in the USA because I love ’em. Oh well.

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