Summer cars! Starting tomorrow.

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I will be test driving what I call “summer cars”, well, al summer.
That means convertibles.

I will start with an American legend: The Corvette.
I am supposed to get it tomorrow. Hopefully reporting on it avery day.
This is a pricey car, and this site is more about “regular cars”. But it is actually much cheaper than its competition.
And I am very interested to see if it is a good every day car.
I will be driving it around town. Just like I am driving the Astra and the other cars I test.

I know it might not be a car many of you are actually thinking of getting. But I was just very curious about it.
If you have any questions, go ahead.

I will be wrapping up my Astra drive over the week end, with more pictures and a video too.

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  1. Vince, I have an ’07 coupe, Fantastic car! I think you will enjoy driving it. It’s VERY livable around town and I have the Z51 suspension. I passed a kid who was walking on the side of the road yesterday and he turned around to see it and I could see him say WOW! LOL They truely are American supercars!

  2. Not a single one so far, only 5500 miles on it and it’s solid as can be. I get 26 mpg on the hwy at 80mph with the cruise on so it’s not exactly a gas guzzeler unless you stay on the throttle. One thing, the logo you show is from a C5, not the C6. Can’t wait to read what you think!

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