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The next Buick Lacrosse (Or whatever they’ll actually call it) is testing with much less camouflage on it.
GM keeps hinting this car will be great.

It will have a tough job competing with other cars like the Lexus ES.
Buick’s image isn’t really the best….

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  1. The “image” might not be the best yet, but vehicles like the Enclave has people (professional reviewers on down to the everyday driver 30+) more than a year later enamored and searching high and waiting to get one.

    The crossover segment is quite a bit different than the sedans, where EVERYBODY has something, but the Lacrosse is said to be the Enclave of sedans. As long as that holds true, with the awesome interior seen in the prototypes, the 3.6L, etc., it should have no trouble. And more of a standout than mush-bags like the ES, etc.

  2. Why so pessimistic Vince?

    Finally it seems to be (at least from this first looks) only the second “modern” US-car, after the Cadillac CTS, with a styling that even people here in Europe really can fall in love with?

    If GM now manages too to build reasonable engines – and not this inefficient II-WW blocks – this car could be one of the urgently needed “victory´s” for the US-car-industry-revival…

  3. “How the hell is it so small? Compare it to the black car in the back – GR”

    Mehaps the black car is really big.

  4. It has very similar dimensions as a Lexus GS430. In fact just about the same everything. Including wheels.

  5. that black car in the back is an S-Class Benz. If thats what they are testing the Buick agaist, i say its a win win situation. GM is roaring back!

  6. If this is not priced in Lexus ES territory and is more like an Accord price it will sell great. Of course the other attributes need to be there like quality interiors, good engines, drivability, and mileage.

  7. Yeah seriously, the overally shape looks really good to me. I thought the new Malibu looked bad/boring when I saw camo’d spy pics but honestly, I think the new Malibu is one of the best looking midsize sedans out now. I think GM design is really improving by leaps and bounds.

  8. Looks very attractive. As long as it does not drive like a sofa, it will do fine..

    I really think that GM should have considered this kind of design for the Cadillac brand. The vertical lights on the CTS start getting on my nerves….

  9. The Black car is the full sized rear wheel-drive Chinese built Buick Park Avenue. Take a good look at the headlights, then google “Chinese Buick Park Avenue” and compare. Looks like Bob Lutz hasn’t given up on bringing over a real top of the line Buick.

  10. Living in LA I’d never think of Buick and Lexus in the same thought. But after driving on the 5 to SF this past weekend I saw more Buicks on the road than Lexus. Well to I got in the Bay Area. So if Buick and build a car on level with Lexus. It will only be a few years when perception catches up with reality and Buick could be a contender. And if not it’ll sell in the majority of the USofA that isn’t NYC, Chicago, LA, SF and a few others.

  11. I personally think Buick is a lost cause. They don’t even have any “original vehicles”

    THIS Should BE GM:

    Chevrolet = Value Basic Brand

    Cadillac = Sport/High End Lux Brand

    Saturn = Mid-Lux Euro Brand (Which olds became before it was killed)

    And nothing more….as for the rest:

    GMC: No explanation needed

    Pontiac: A sport brand that will die under RWD only vechicles unless they can make a 35 MPG rwd G5 and a 31 MPG G6 to justify the existance of the G8 for CAFE standards.

    Buick: A brand that one had an array of vehicles, now only holds 3…one of which houses a discomtinued model (the Lucerne=Bonneville), and the other two are clones.

    Saab: it’s soul is dead so why bother?

    Hummer: $10 a gallon will make this the Rolls-Royce/Bentley/Maserati of SUVs

  12. anyone else notice that the americans and imports bias swapping from thier positions from the 80’s?

    Back when everyday car guys considered “import” was a four-letter word… those who could look beyond the bias noticed the americans stagnating in the 80’s because they could not disrupt their customer base.

    now that “domestic” has become that four letter word (as even noticed in a “normal” viewpoint such as vince himself), the imports (toyota, mb, bmw, et al) appear to be stagnating as the americans appear to be the innovators.


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