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Burlapp embraces the 21st century and now appears on Facebook.

Just check it out.
Not much you people don’t know yet.

Make the site more popular.
Become famous.
Meet babes.

Why not?!?!?!

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  1. Hey Vince,

    I went to do a friend request of you…didn’t see your profile there…what’s it under? I searched Vince Burlapp as well as The Hollywood extra..

  2. I think your Facebook profile’s privacy settings are preventing me from finding your profile! I’ve plugged in your name, city and birthdate and still no hits.

  3. Sorry about the Facebook thing.
    I’ll try to see what’s wrong and fix it.

    My computer screen is out right now too…

  4. Well, let’s just say I am just THAT amazing….
    I will post no matter what.
    And I do not have a blackberry.

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