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That’s what Mark Fields said to Automotive News.

The C max and all new Kuga are coming to the US. When? No one knows for sure.
We’re also getting the next Euro Focus.

With the dollar so cheap, it would make these Euro models pretty expensive now. Unless they make them in Mexico.
And with Mercury almost dead, these could only end up as Ford models. How much are people willing to pay for a C Max in the US?
And why the C max when the similar Mazda5 doesn’t seem to be such a hit over here?
And how much will be a Kuga from Europe?
Replacing the Escape?
Will it be priced too high and too close to the Edge?

So many questions, I have a headache…

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  1. There is no reason that the C-Max can’t be sold here for the same price as the Mazda 5. And as a Ford it will have a much better sales network than as a Mazda.

  2. This is awesome news, the C-Max is the most fun you can have driving an MPV/Family van, the Mazda5 is more versatile and has bigger space but the Ford has much better quality interior and much sportier handling. As for the Kuga WOW! Sportiest, coolest small SUV ever!

  3. I seen a black kuga driving around commerce township, michigan on sunday. Looks small and akward.

  4. They can’t get here fast enough. I’m not in the market for a minivan or suv but these are good looking vehicles and are a huge improvement over anything Ford USA has now, especially the Kuga. I won’t miss the Escape myself. Put a direct injection turbo 4 cylinder and 6 speed manumatic in the Kuga and they’d sell like hotcakes. But what the heck do I know. I’m just glad that the big wigs at Ford are STARTING to wake up. Mullaly seems to be doing a good job over there but I would’nt give you $5.00 for the rest of them. Good luck Ford.

  5. Vince, cram it about the price.

    You beat them over the head constantly asking why we can’t have these cars here and how stupid they are for not bringing them here and then make dismissive, flippant remarks like “Good luck , Ford” and question their survival…..

    Now that they’re coming, just wait quietly and see how they’ll handle it.

  6. It’s funny. We complain that we don’t get the good models and make a case why we should. Once they announce we will get the models, we bitch about how expensive they will be and such. It contradicts your past arguments. Now I have a headache.

  7. I don’t understand why Vince believes these “must” be sold as Fords.

    In the world of Ford, cost has traditionally escalated by marquee:

    1. Ford – lowest cost Fords
    2. Mercury – Upscale Fords
    3. Lincoln – Luxury Fords

    To me, the dots all connect perfectly. There are no new Mercury’s in the pipeline, because all these Euro Fords **ARE** the new Mercury’s.

    Think about it. The dealer networks are already in place. Ford launches a massive advertising campaign announcing that the Mercury division now features UNIQUE models with high quality European design and engineering.

    They immediately have their compact (renamed Euro Focus), a sedan (temporarily a refreshed Milan), a CUV (Kuga) and a Microvan (C-Max) without spending a penny on new designs

    All of these smallish cars should get fairly good gas mileage, without feeling like “penalty boxes” for only a modest price premium over the “American” Fords.

    It’s a fresh approach that no one else in the U.S. is doing, and in light of where energy costs are going, Ford would actually be ahead of the curve for the first time in, oh, about 80 years.

    No more brand engineering for Mercury, and a chance to breathe brand new life into an existing marquee and network.

    Yes, there are flaws and problems with this plan, but in light of many of Ford’s recent (and seemingly independent) decisions of late, why isn’t anyone else seeing the seemingly obvious connection between them all??

  8. Fields said these cars are coming to the US market. He made no mention where they would be built. There is no reason the Euro Focus won’t be built on the current generation Focus’ production line in Mexico. The same goes for the CMax and the Kuga.

  9. Agree, there is no reason US capacity cannot produce these vehicles. They can’t be imported from Europe right now due to the exchange rates.

  10. Don’t count on these being produced in the U.S. No manufacturer wants to produce cars in the US due to costs and union issues. If anything, they will be produced in Mexico. I agree with other posters, the C-Max and Kuga can’t get here fast enough. Hopefully Ford will kill off the Escape and Explorer to make room for them. The SUV as we know it is dead. Hopefully large gas guzzling American crossovers will follow.

  11. Not really crazy with the made in Mexico escape route to save money and I wish the American worker weren’t so selfish, but I do understand they want to make a living but at the same time their benefit packages
    and pay is actually in turn kill their jobs. Is there some solution to save American jobs still be made in the US?

    China and Mexico can’t always be our answer.
    Our Corporations don’t love America.
    The Ford Kuga and the Euro design Focus and C Max will stop people like me buying foreign cars
    and Ford needs to listen and keep jobs here.

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