VW Rabbit on top.

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Consumer Reports just put the VW Rabbit on top of its recommendations among other small hatchbacks.
They even say the predicted reliability should be above average.
That’s a pretty big turn around for VW.

I like the Rabbit/Golf. Funny because I don’t like the Jetta.
But somehow, the same interior in the R32 I drove didn’t bother me as much as it did in the sedan.

I am scheduled to get cars to drive from VW. So I will be reporting on the Eos and the GTI.
I guess I should now try the regular Rabbit as well.

Here is a bit of what Consumer Reports has to say:

“With agile handling and a versatile, well-finished interior, the Rabbit feels solid and is a pleasant car to drive. It is also competitively priced and well equipped. Power has increased by 20 horsepower since our last test of its sibling, the Jetta sedan, in February 2006.”
“The Volkswagen Rabbit tops this month’s group of small, affordable four-door hatchbacks and is now our highest-rated car in small hatchback category, surpassing the Mazda3.”

Not bad…

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  1. What a load of crap ! they obviously havent owned one for a couple years, they obviously havent had to deal with the dealerships in trying to get problems resolved, otherwise they would not have rated them soo high !!! VW cars are just like the old oldsmobile cutlasses they either got a real good one or they were just a handfull of problems..

  2. Well if they rated it average reliabilty it’s due to survey responses from actual owners, they aren’t pulling that out of their ass…

  3. 2 things
    – I don’t trust either CR or VW
    – too bad the Wabbit finally got past the Mazda Just Before the nextgen Mz3 arrives next year

  4. And Hondas aren’t?
    I bought an Accord Coupe in 91 and it was crap too.
    The dash vibrated and the transmission was a lemon.
    Take a hike reader 1.50pm.

  5. This is the same Consumer Reports magazine that recommended the VW Passat in ’03. I bought one and 4 years later when I could no longer tolerate the poor customer service that I was consistently receiving, and the continuous problems with the car, Consumer Reports had proclaimed my Passat as a used car to avoid. Thanks Consumers. I recommend it as a magazine to avoid. I also agree with them to avoid the Passat as a new or used car.

  6. “anonymous said…
    What a load of crap ! they obviously havent owned one for a couple years,”

    anonymous obviously hasn’t read the article… CR states that the latest VW they testes has improved a lot…

    and like most germany cars VW’s are hard to beat when they’re a couple of years old… drive 5 year old japanese/korean/american car, and drive a 5 years old german car… what a difference!

    good for cost conscious buyers dthat aren’t that stupid to buy cars new… get a 1-2 year old car and save up to 40-50% on the price tag…

  7. If the reliability has improved I think the Rabbit is a great car. The quality of interior and driving dynamics is superior to any other compact in the same class range.

  8. I’m not sure where everyone gets the idea all VWs are crap. I have an ’03 Golf GLS 2.0 that runs great with 70k and haven’t had a single problem. A friend of mine has an ’00 Jetta with over 100k and hasn’t had any major problems.

    My only complaint with VWs is the poor gas mileage. For the size of the car I should be getting better then 25 mpg. If the Rabbit had improved fuel economy I’d stick with VW for my next car but since Japanese automakers seem to be the only ones concerned with making their cars more fuel effecient I’ll be going back to a Japanese car for my next car purchase.

    I’ll no doubt be keeping the VW in the family, because it is a great little car but I won’t be the one driving it.

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