VW Routan prices

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it’ll start at $24 700 for the base model.
A loaded SELL model will be $38 400!

I haven’t priced minivans lately, but $38 400 seems crazy to me.
And the base model comes with a 3.8 Liter engine with 197hp.
That’s right. Less than 200hp form a big 3.8 Liter engine. In 2008!

Blame Chrysler for that one.

Which is that the Routan is. A Chrysler minivan with a new front, new rear and slightly revised interior.
By the way, these prices are about $1000 more than the Dodge version.
At least the VW is better looking….

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  1. Don’t get too suckered in at the Horspower figures.
    You really need to know the full story. A big van pulling 197hp at 3500rpm may cruise along a lot nicer than one that has 300hp at 7000 rpm.
    Of course this may have 197hp at 7000 rpm which would mean it is complete rubish.

  2. vw sold out, what are their sales staff going to say now after 30 years of saying German engineering is superior, which in fact it is not. Why , in Germany , do they pick mazdas time and time again as car of the year?? Junk is Junk no matter what badge is on it.

  3. only a grand more for better resale values, better quality, and better styling? sign me up!

    and as sad as it seems it is possible to cross the $40,000 mark for a loaded sienna. i am surprised vw priced it so well. i was thinking it would start at 26K, but thankfully it will not

  4. Could you explain how this can have “better quality” when it uses all Chrysler parts and is made at the same plant?

  5. The only thing sillier than this van are the people who are going to buy them. Hasn’t VW learned from GMs mistakes? They could have seen that the Saablazer, the Saabaru didn’t fool many people. Trying to get people to pay premium prices for lightly reskinned garbage just doesn’t work. The short term gain VW will get is nothing compared to how they’ve harmed their brand by partnering with Chrysler. As an avid VW fan, I am disappointed.

  6. the routan will use some unique vw parts, and at the factory it goes through more stringent quality control.

    but for my money, i wouldnt mind spending just one grand more for the volkswagen over the blocky dodge. i wonder what features the base model will have…

  7. “the routan will use some unique vw parts, and at the factory it goes through more stringent quality control. “

    of course the VW badge is uniquely VW! HA HA

  8. This will last as long as the FreeStar!

    The only reason that people will buy this would be to compliment their Jettas.

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