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The next BMW 7 series is now only wearing silly looking tape as a camouflage. So you can pretty much see what it looks like.
Like I said before, nothing to get excited about.

I thought BMW was supposed to be sportier than Mercedes? I guess not all of them.
This one goes against the S Class. Pretty much its only competition with the Lexus LS in the US.
The market is basically 99% rich geasers.

Why rock the boat….

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  1. Audi is truly the best. I know its an opinion, but if you drove em all and you are a car guy I think you would agree.

  2. *YAWN*

    Looks like one of dozens of Chinese sedans manufactured by companies i’ve never heard of before.

    The current 7 series, once the front and rear ends were properly restyled, looks more commanding and expensive.

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