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This picture was taken in 2005. Obviously from some building across a GM design center. Or something.

The car pictured looks more like a concept than a production model. There were rumors a couple of years ago about a large Cadillac coupe.
I guess with gas prices, and Cadillac’s decision to cancel V8 engines soon, a car like this wouldn’t fit in the line up anymore.

Too bad…

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  1. Perhaps when someone finds a cost effective way to grow algae for the production of biodiesel North America will once again be awash in V8 coupes … 2025? 2030?? Hopefully, things don’t go the other way and we end up with road warriors roaming the open roads in mid-80’s Mustangs and Camaros searching for fuel (a la Mad Max).

  2. As I understand it, there were two studios competing to design the sixteen concept and this is the proposal of the losing studio.

  3. That looks like the Evoq concept, which was from 1999 actually.

    It eventually became the XLR. The raked fastback was sacrificed for a folding hardtop.

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