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Another simple question.

I am just trying to improve the site. And I am also curious to know where the readers are from (so are potential advertisers…)

I know most of you are in the US. But I also have heard from people in many other countries.
And I am so glad this site appeals to such a variety of people.

On another note, I have been in contact with many manufacturers concerning test drives. So the site should include much more of these in the very near future.
I have also been invited by Ford to drive the updated 2009 Escape. And the all new Flex.

So I’ll be reporting on these soon…

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  1. Not boring at all. Florida is a beautiful place, and a dream destination for millions around the world…

  2. I´m from Germany. A little less exciting compared to Iceland, but still…

    I like this blog alot – not only because you collect the most recents car news here and have an eye on their design, but you also feature lots of NA only cars.

    Being in Europe, I don´t see these vehicles on the road, which makes me wonder what size or brand image a NA-only car like the LeSable might have?! Okay, the LeSable is a bad example, because it´s out of production, I just wanted to point out that I am reading your texts and the comments on this and it enables me to get balanced informations – pro and con – about cars I might never see in fromt of me.

    So I am looking forward to read more test drives form you, Vince.

  3. Canada. Oh and Vince, if you need help with upgrading your site to WordPress or even coding a new one, I’d be happy to help you out.

  4. I’m from the USA. Vince, you do a great job with this website. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Question for ya Vince. It’s great that the manufacturers ask you to test drive some of their vehicles. Do you know if any of the manufacturers read the comments that are made by all of us on this site? I’m just wondering if they do read the comments and then have their departments look into some of the things that all of us say. It may be a stupid question but I was just curious.

  5. I live in San Francisco, but I might end up having to relocate down to LA in order to land a job.

    How is Los Angeles like? (as compared to SF)

  6. Detroit. Michigan, USA. I work on all the boring little plastic bits inside switches and sensors, behind the scenes stuff that no one sees. Somebody’s gotta do it!

  7. Mexico here! I wonder why some of you always state that mexico built cars are the worst, Ive read that one of Fords more reliable car right know is the Fusion, made in my hometown.


  8. Israel.
    And yes, I work in the motor industry but am always amazed how much I see here first – thanks Vince!

  9. To John M, for what it’s worth, I’m a car designer and heard about this blog from another car designer. Never underestimate who may be reading your comments..

  10. I love san Francisco.
    You need to visit L.A before you move. There are so many different ares over here. I’m sure you’ll find a place you like, but you need to spend a few days before making the big move….

  11. Ramstein, Germany, which is the best place here concerning cars.

    In all other cities you only see cars offered in Germany, but here you can also see a lot of cars from USA.

  12. Greetings from Cyprus! (and Greece) 🙂
    Vince, I like your blog and agree with almost all of your comments!

  13. Melbourne Australia – read your site everyday. As for myself drive a Holden Commodore…
    Coming over for a visit in September. Hope to see you at Bob’s Big Boy in LA one Friday night

  14. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(home of Proton and Perodua cars) but now in Switzerland.


  15. Melbourne, Australia.

    I am a designer for Holden so it’s always nice to see what you think about our cars vince.

  16. Bossier City, Louisiana. I found you through friends who are in the car journalism business throughout the country. They like your stuff too.

  17. tax free Delaware, Not real exciting but cloe to all megalopolis cities. Great place to live and very affordable. I buy a new car every 2 years on the tax I save compared to my Long Island NY hometown.
    We make bronze sculpture and statues http://www.bigbronze.com

  18. San Francisco, CA. If you see a male mallard driving a silver ’04 Accord EX-L sedan, it’s probably me. QUACK!

  19. To acardesigner,

    Thanks for the info. Believe it or not it’s nice to know that at least a couple of you guys/girls are out there listening to us. I’ll bet it’s real frustrating to come up with a great design, only to be told by the resident penney pincher “nope, not gonna happen…would’nt be prudent.”

  20. I´am from Slovak republic (europe)
    we producet here Kia ceed (in town Zilina), Peugeot 207(In town Trnava), Audi Q7, Posche cayenne (in town Bratislava)

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