1947 Chrysler movie

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Again, my friend Archibald Morrisson’s Chrysler.
A great car, and what a fun ride….

The current Chrysler owners could take some lessons from “the good old days”. Like: a well designed car still looks good 60 years later.
Try that with a 2008 Sebring….

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  1. These cars were supposed to be beautiful, todays cars, and there is hardly any exeption, are either supposed to be bland and interchangable or they should look muscular. Today some cars indeed look like wrestlers and not like beautiful women. In addition: Designers today ran out of ideas and they fuzz around with details instead of having the whole thing on their mind. Just look at the way taillights are made today and in the ´50s. Today they design ? two holes into the rear of the body and then they cover them with red plastics. Look at the cars of the fifties and later – Earl, Exner, Mitchel – where are your successors? There may be talented people but they are buried in teams. Mister A does the front, Mister B does the rear, Mister C does something else and in most cases you got the feeling they do not communicate with each other. Very very sad.

  2. Not sure about the Chrysler of that era, but the ’47 Plymouth’s speedometer light changed from green to yellow to red as speed increased.

    I think that feature was dropped when all Chrysler cars were changed to the boxy design in 1949.

    Also, I think the first cars to have key starting were the ’49 Chrysler cars. The ’46 to ’48 models were carry-overs from before WWII.

  3. Cars looked so unusual back then because the designers were tasked with making each previous year’s model appear obsolete to the consumer.

    That concept is still in place in everything we buy today, but now we’re so used to the idea of things being obsolete that a product doesn’t really need to change all that much.

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