2009 Ford Ka

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Who knows, if US gas prices reach $5 a gallon next year, we might even get this one over here.

In related news, Ford has said the US will get both the sedan and hatch version of the new Fiesta.
Not sure if the hatch will be 3 or 5 doors.
My bet is on the 3 door version, matching the Toyota Yaris .

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  1. I’m happy to hear that the 3-door Fiesta is coming to the US market but honestly that 5-door has got to be the prettiest 5-door hatch ever. I would go for that one before the 3 or 4 door versions.

    Either way, the Fiesta should be a kick ass genuine hit for Ford. They just need to get it to market and quickly.

  2. On the outside, this Ka looks 1000 times better than the original. C’mon, Ford, this can be built here. They can’t keep Yaris’s and Fits on the lots, but Ford has no self-confidence anymore to market their wares here.

  3. and BTW, why can’t we have the 5 door Yaris? If you’ve been to Canada you see them all over the place and they look as good or better than the 3 door.

  4. I think the Ka is too small to be viable in the US. At 6′ tall, I know my fat American behind probably wouldn’t fit in one.

    I think the Fiesta is really needed ASAP though. While I love my ’07 Mazda 3, I am seriously looking at the Fiesta to replace it in 2010 or 2011. I really want the 5 door for more practicality, but I will take the 3 door if I have to as long as they bring at least one version of the hatch over.

    Now, in my dream world, Ford would bring over a Fiesta ST. The current one has a 2.0l 150hp engine. Sounds like the low end Mazda 3 engine. Could you imagine 150 hp in a small light hatch that will probably return 35 mpg+ on the highway?! THAT would be a fun vehicle.

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