2009 Kia Sorento

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We can’t see much yet. But so far it already looks more car like than the current model.
And it will be car based. So gas mileage should be better too.
Owners of the current model mostly love their cars.

This one might appeal to an even broader audience.

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  1. i hope they can use 6-speed AT from Veracruz… unless is’t build from Veracruz.

    Does anyway know for sure or is it all-new…?

  2. Does the new Sorento now slot in between the Sportage and the Borrego? What car platform is this one based off of?

  3. Inside sources have mated the new Sorento very closely with the Hyundai Santa Fe. The good thing is that the Santa Fe seems to be a very well rounded platform to begin with. This will be a huge improvement over the current Sorento and will compete very well with the likes of the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander at thousands less than the competition.

  4. Kia Santa Fe….make sense since they don’t have one of these and the Borrego is taking over it’s previous RWD, but bigger…maybe better.

  5. The Highlander and Pilot are pretty good-sized rigs.

    Does that mean that the Borrego is in Chevy Tahoe territory size-wise?

    If so, I’d be awfully worried about that one if I were Kia. Talk about lousy timing…

  6. looks just like the 1st gen matrix between the A and C pillars, even the wheels look like the matrix 17″

  7. Yes they must have grabbed the old Toyota Matrix tooling and jigs when Toyota went to the new Matrix.

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