2010 Kia Spectra

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An all new Spectra is coming out early next year.
Good thing for Kia. They will benefit from high gas prices. Most of their cars are small and inexpensive models.
That’s what they should concentrate on.

There is nothing wrong, especially now, with concentrating on making good small cars.
Instead of branching out into big SUVs and ugly luxury wannabe cars….

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  1. I dig the profile I’m seeing here… Reminds me of a TSX. Hope this one doesn’t disappoint, but it looks like a good change from the current curvy/dull design.

  2. Looks great. I see a bit of Jetta in the profile. Kia needs to continue working on quality at least on par with its parent, Hyundai.

  3. the body looks heavily influenced by the Kia Koup concept. I had wondered when that concept came out if it would influence the next spectra. If so, I hope they offer the Koup as a 2 door version to compete in the entry level coupe segment.

  4. The production version will probably be very toned town from this illustration. Sadly.
    Still a nice basic overall shape.

  5. Xsara, Xantia… exactly my thoughts when I first saw the c-pillar. But the design is great – the back lights are comparable to those of the new Lancer, but these here are imo better proportioned and fit better in the overall design.

  6. this ain’t being toned down. Didn’t you see it on spy shots!? Don’t you know that Kia now has Audi’s designer? It looks like a real rival to the Lancer.

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