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With over 350 000 Priuses sold this year, the new one will be major news.

I remember when the current generation came out, Toyota was hoping to sell 60 00 a year.
The next one might very well turn out to be more popular than the Camry.

As we mentioned before, it’ll be at least a year before the plug in version comes out. And it might be in the Lexus model first.

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  1. Nice looking 20 inch wheels on this baby! Vince, could you please answer a question that has been bothering me for some time now? Larger wheels and tires look better on vehicles but they also make the vehicle they are on ride harder with a much stiffer ride…but wouldn’t larger wheels and tires also give you less gas mileage? Please give us you expert advice on this!

  2. Fact, a toyota hybrid places a larger footprint on the environment, as far as damage goes than a hummer. Google it and you will see. It is not the answer. There is a plethora of info. out there proving toyota hybrids are very bad for the environment. Their Nickel batteries come from environmentally bankrupt China. The only people that buy these are the ones that didn’t know this info. or they know it but choose to ignore it because it is good for their image.

  3. If you mean the ‘dust to dust’ report that’s partially bogus because that claim was solely based on the fact that a Hummer would last 3x longer … Yet NY taxi drivers already exceeded the supposed max mileage. However the report does have a valid point that you should look at all factors including recycling.

    Also remember CO2… A Hummer will pollute more, that’s a simple fact.

    The Canada Nickel pollution story is also partially outdated. But again always good to double-check companies so they keep attention to this…

    The Honda 5dr Hybrid 2009 will be interesting to see how it will compare in looks…

  4. The long term answer to fuel prices is a renewable, non-imported fuel – google sapphire energy for a GREAT example of something that SHOULD be exploited.

    However, it’ll take a few years of oil company lobyists to allow that to happen. So the short term solution is hybrid.

    The Hummer vs Prius debate has been debunked so many times it’s not funny.

    ALL this said, I acutally really like this one. While I doubt the 20″ will make production – there is no harm in going 18″ is there?

    My question to Toyota – why not make the Rav 4 a 6 cyl Hybrid? Ford – made the Edge a hybrid. Mazda – CX9 hybrid….WATCH sales explode.

  5. Well with the plug-in option on the Prius Hybrid in 2010 it would mean in theory almost no oil dependency (especially if the energy comes from renewable energy and you make short trips). We’ll see…

    Nissan and Chevy are the 2 other contenders to release the first mainstream plug-in hybrid in 2010.

  6. Proof is that toyota just announced AFTER Nissan announced a lithium ion battery deal. Nissan was first with NEC. Why is toyoda not sticking to Nickel, do they know something???? Nissan is going to have full electric cars for sale by 2010. Zero emissions!

  7. Nissan is going to have full electric cars for sale by 2010. Zero emissions!

    Zero emissions from the car’s tailpipe, but the energy to run them comes from somewhere including the emissions. It’s commonly from a coal-fired plant.

  8. Toyota seem to keep things pretty hush hush. So probably just before release of the new model there will be some announcement of some major new technology that might leave others in the dirt.
    They have had a few more years practice in hybrid technology.
    Don’t want anyone copying it just yet.

  9. zero emissions baby!, you got a better idea?. now you are just trying to be ignorant and I would like to report, you have succeeded. Nissan Rocks, toyota walks, it’s tailights down the road.

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