2010 Saab 9-5

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This illustration seems pretty realistic.
So why not…

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  1. saab has amazing potential design-wise to produce some really stunning cars! but they just don’t seem to bother nor care….. drawings like these are amazing! but all that ever comes to reality is crap like the current 9 5

  2. Actually, the current 9-5 was a really nice car when introduced – nearly 10 years ago – and the AERO though getting dated remains acrive to this day. The problem is – GM – they are the ones who don’t seem to care. Division by division GM is the ones that turn their lines into crap.

  3. Actually, the 9-5 in its day was a stunning car – and 10 years later the 9-5 Aero remains attractive. The ones that DON’T CARE: GM. They continue to convert division by division to crap.

  4. Really nice work by the design team.
    Vince, I still can’t wait to see the 9x-1.
    Keep us posted…

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