2010 Subaru Legacy

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let’s hope this illustration is wrong.

The Legacy deserves much better than a re-do of the current boring design.
Subaru needs to put a bit of spice in their designs. Anything.

The Legacy is a very good car that deserves much better.
Even Suzuki will have a good looking mid-sized sedan soon…

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  1. Good job changing the domain name and picture header on your website, but what is in the right hand corner of the picture? fingers?

  2. Hmmm… it appears that someone has combined the side body panel of a 09′ A4 and part of its front bumper along with the headlights of a 02′ Camry to the rest of a the current generation Legacy. So this is definately more of a photochop than a actual illutration of the next model. Thankgoodness because Suburu really needs this next model to stand out visually to match its unique powertrain.

  3. Vince, Unfortunately this is very close to the real deal. The only real changes would be the design of the grille opening and hood scoop. Pre production models we have been working with also have larger headlights but I believe they are basically from the current model. The major change is the wonderful upgrade in the interior, which looks like something from a Lexus sedan.

  4. I think this car looks good. Unfortunately this is probably the one Japan will get. I’m sure we (USA) will get a non B4 spec with a cheesey front airdam like the last one. As far as the interior being the major change…..why? I thought the interior was great in the current Legacy. The instrument panel, center stack and materials, I thought, were great. All I thought Subaru needed to change was the front airdam (or stick with the ones from Japan), put 6 speed auto’s/manuals in them, make the car longer and wider for more interior room, especially width(not too much so where it increases weight significantly) and throw in direct injection. I do like this car but I hope Subaru addressed some of these issues. If they do I think they’ll have an awesome competitor on their hands.

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