A5 Convertible

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Auto Express has this picture of the upcoming convertible version of the Audi A5.

No surprises here. Not even a hard top…

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  1. I hope this car fails miserably for smugly ignoring technical progress. Hey Audi, you might as well stick wooden wheels and acetylene lamps on this relic.

  2. I actually like soft tops depending on the car. Yes I agree that hard tops may be technically superior, but I think soft tops give certain cars a touch of class.

  3. I don’t like hard top convertibles. They’re usually not visually attractive with the top-up, it almost always eats up all of the trunk space, and there are a bunch of ugly seams for the roof panels. Generally they have to have a J-lo rear end to accommodate the top mechanism. With exception of the SL, all hi- end convertibles (Bentley, RR, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari) still use multi-layer fabric tops. I was hoping that the rumors were correct that the M3 would have a fabric top. Nope, I need a decent trunk for weekend roadtrips. I cannot wait for Audi to launch the S5 cabriolet to replace my S4 cab.

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