Acura/Honda NSX

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The next NSX is finally around the corner.
It’s been quite a while.
This Auto Express illustration looks pretty close to the prototype testing in the video .

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  1. Does it look strikingly similar to the Lexus sportscar? Not exactly twins, but the same design language. Yes? It feels more mainstream Celica than an exotic sportscar. A couple of years ago I would have had total faith in Honda design. But now I’m uneasy about this car.

  2. This is the first time I watched the video…..DAAAAAMMMNN that car sounds good. WOW! I think, so far, it looks great. I guess we’ll see when it finally goes into production. What does this have under the hood?….a V-10 is it?

  3. It’s funny how the name is more fitting for the brand…and it’s the only name NOT to change. Everything else fits around it now.

  4. I remember opening a Toronto newspaper back in 1990 when i was a teenager and seeing a double page ad for the new NSX. That was EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO. Even the Cavalier went through two bodystyles in that time!

  5. next springs all new 370z with 320 Horsepower will be 1/2 the price or less. this dud can’t be justified!

  6. “Even the Cavalier went through two bodystyles in that time!”

    Actually, that’s pretty bizarre when you think about it. Three bodystyles if you include the Cobalt.

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