Another Mazda 3 rendering

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Another good one.
It seems that no matter what, the next 3 will be a really good looking car.

Good timing too.

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  1. This is probably closer to reality and it is a very good looking car.

    But the other one was strikingly good.

  2. In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, for the past three weeks, THIS picture has been posted in one of the local dealer’s ads for a Mazda 3 sale. I was wondering if someone at Mazda slipped up and gave the wrong photo to the dealer’s marketing folks. I hope this is it, it looks great.

  3. I’m not sure what one is uglier. the Subaru Imprezza/WRX/STI or the Mazda 3? Then again giant cockroaches may be the next fashion.

  4. Smart if they sell this with optional AWD
    and at a fair price. I’m 99.9% sure the Japanese spec. version will have all the advanced features that we Americans really want(including a D. Jones zapping device).

  5. Dear Mazda USA:

    See the front end on this 3? Put it on your new Mazda 6 for the USA instead of that girly thing with the crappy grill you put on it.

    Or at least put on the Atenza front end.

    Someone with taste.

  6. This is hands down much better than the awkward white monstrosity in the other pictures. I think it better represents the design direction of the next Mazda3 (at least I hope it does!).

    This car doesn’t need a styling overhaul when it is redesigned. Mazda just needs to provide an attractive evolution of the current car’s design.

  7. There is a LOT of the CX-7 in that rendering.

    That would have been a really easy thing for the designers to screw up. (See Sentra, Nissan)

    But if this is real or close to it, then Mazda did an amazing job of translating the design cues of the CX-7 to a much smaller car.

    I didn’t think I’d like anything better then the current 3, but this would certainly do it for me.

  8. Vince, I did not know that Mazda was teaming up with the same platform as the new Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibes twins, to create their own version and rebadge it a Mazda 3.

  9. Mazda is sooooo far ahead of Honda, people are such sheep, they think handa is the way to go, plastic suspension parts and all, it’s not the way to go though, Mazda rocks, Pete walks!

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