Another Subaru Coupe illustration

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This time from Auto Express.
It looks great, but a little too much like an Impreza coupe.

I guess everyone and their sisters is trying to guess what the car will look like.
From recent Subaru and Toyota designs, I don’t think it’ll look as great as people think…

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  1. I really think that the Impreza front end works for this…

    I usually don’t approve of such cheaply done design, but I approve of this one and hope the real deal is as good looking as this!

    So is this going to be RWD or FWD? I keep reading different things.

  2. Burlapp, my fuzzy haired friend, sorry but I have to disagree with you. This will be an Impreza coupe and it looks ultra cool.
    FHI wants it to be simple and come with RWD
    while the more expensive versions will sport AWD and a turbo charged layout.
    In my opinion, they should have RWD for Europe only
    and bring the base model with the 2.0 RUMORED engine with AWD as standard. Or at the very least
    have it configured as an RWD machine and when needed AWD to do the work when needed.

  3. Toyotas part ownership of Subaru will be of benefit to Subaru in the long run in a matter of survival.

  4. To 11:42, I believe people will get used to the idea
    that the company isn’t just for boys reaching puberty.
    I am starting to see more Imprezas, especially the Sport 5 door on the road.
    The new coupe will be also for more mature folks who want something sporty and different. Let’s hope it looks something like the silver car posted above
    and the AWD is somehow available even at the base level.

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