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Why not/

Why not make an SUV/Crossover version of every BMW model?
The X! would be, of course, based on the 1 series.

I think this Crossover craze is getting pretty ridiculous, but maybe I’m the crazy one….

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  1. The news confirms rumors that the X1, which has yet to be revealed publicly, will indeed be built on the 3-series platform, lending some amount of sporting cred to the mini ‘ute.

  2. Well, it’s just a tall station wagon of every model… like it used to be just without trying to look like SUVs.

  3. Bmw fails to understand what entry level means.
    Any small car they create with the intentions of making it affordable, is only for the rich.

  4. While I agree that Chrysler is lousy to say the least, I have to point out that they are actually doing something.

    Remember the Nissan-Chrysler thing? Chrysler is supposed to get its own version of the Nissan Versa in exchange for Nissan getting its own version of the next Dodge Ram.

  5. I hope that this is just an artist’s rendering and not an actual possibility. Because it’s just terrible looking in every way.

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