C-Max in the US???

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Another rumor. Ford would be retooling some of its US factories to produce a few Euro Ford models for the US.
The C-Max would be one of them.
But the same rumor also mentions the euro Focus, which would not make any sense…

Who knows. with gas getting close to $5 a gallon, manufacturers are getting desperate….

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  1. Actually given the current exchange rate situation they may be tooling up to build these here for export to Europe, and as a side benefit we may get a few stateside. Either way, I dont think it’s desperate to pull from your arsenal of competive vehicles to do battle in the marketplace.

  2. It’s not a rumor that we’re getting the C-Max. Ford has confirmed that we’re getting the Euro Focus, Kuga, and C-Max. I don’t recall what year they said we’d get them but the next gen Euro Focus will be a global car so that’s why we’ll also get it here (replacing the current Focus)

  3. If the C-Max was here in the U.S. right now I would buy it to replace my 8 year old Honda Accord. I had a Ford Escort stationwagon that was an extremely frugal car (driven frugally) and very versatile. The only car that would compete with this future Ford offering for driveway space at my house would be a possible U.S. Honda Stream (Lattitude).

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