Camaro in the streets

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Supposedly caught during the filming of a TV show.

We can see the final headlight designs and the SS logo.

I also hear that GM is planning on offering 2 V6 engines in the car. another stupid idea they already did with the G6.
The base model would get a 3.5 Liter with about 220hp and the uplevel would get the 3.5 Liter with 300hp.
Not sure why…

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  1. Just put the 2.5 Subaru turbo boxster engine and mate it to AWD and forget about the V6.

    VB, how do you know if this is a TV commercial? Didn’t I send you this?

  2. Volume, tradition (there have always been small displacement Mustangs and Camaros…most often bought by women and the parents of teens who don’t want to insure the V8), and CAFE standards. There’s talk of a turbo four, even.

  3. 2 V6s? They do it for pricing. the Mustang starts at $19995 with the 4 liter v6 and 210hp. Chevy can’t come in with the HF v6 with 260hp as the base base model and a higher price.

  4. glory!!!! ! 1 1 ! this will kill the camry for sure in the us who would buy one when you can get this beauty

  5. Camry killer hahaha.
    Thay arn’t even in the same class.
    Add another 2 doors to the camaro and then maybe.

  6. The seams between the fenders and the front and rear ends are awful. Especially the zig-zag line from the rear wheel opening to the rear marker light, angled up to the tail lamp, then across the rear lamp and up to the trunk opening, then to the spoiler, then to the rear window.

  7. Quality wise, both the Camaro and the Camry would be at about the same level. Why not offer hidden suicide rear doors on the Camaro to compete in the family segment as well?

  8. I can just hear the country music, see the grass between the teeth, smell the rubber and oil burning, The Dukes of hazzard are still alive somewhere I guess? This car is 100% proof, sheerly through its existence, that GM is finished and grabbing at straws from way back…’s over baby. When everyone else is showing off real, today, new technologies and GM shows this mess. How embarassing. Get out the bbq, Billybob your hog is coming over for a hoe down….grow up america, you are the laughing stock of the entire planet. Education is the key to success.

  9. @ 6/23 8:14:

    They’re obviously not aiming at the crowd who thinks only Toyota, Honda, and BMW can make a car worth owning.

    Anyway, about those engines:

    They woudl have had me at the turbo four (if they could make it run reliably on regular). But I don’t like the sound of two 3.5L V-6es. Makes me both are the old thirsty pushrods instead of the HF.

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