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Just a couple more pictures of the new 2009 Traverse.
A pretty big guy coming out just in time for a $4.50 a gallon gas.

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  1. I heard stated goal of the Traverse’s styling team was “Let’s take the Enclave and make it ugly.”

  2. GM upgraded the V6 in the Lambda family to direct injection with 288HP. At the Chicago Auto Show, GM stated that the engine improvements will also deliver better fuel economy. There have since been reports that the 2009 Lambda CUVs will get 27mpg.

  3. they buy there tailamps from hyundai now, right off the elantra and this looks alot better that the enclave, i was amazed at the last auto show that this is actually bigger than the envoy when sitting next to the new Acadia.

  4. It looks very good, just like all the other versions of the same truck. I was eating lunch today at an outdoor cafe, and a Saturn Outlook was parked about fifty feet away. Boy is that thing huge! I don’t know what kind of mileage this thing gets, but I can’t imagine that it’s good. Probably not the most timely launch for such a vehicle.

  5. Buick Enclave rebadged, as a step down. Are they nuts? Can they not make it a little different at least? What the heck are the design and marketing geniouses thinking at GM?

  6. Ok. This has got to be said. Working at a Saturn Dealership, the Outlooks are selling pretty well. You have to realize that people with big families, especially those without younger children need vehicles like this. And if you’re getting 25-28 miles to the gallon in something that seats seven, you’re doing well. Minivans don’t sell with the stigma attached to them, so this is the new thing. The other thing is that people should and are using this as the family hauler – meaning that they have one or two cars that do better on gas, into the 30s. The people who are idiots are those who are buying the trucks, the SUVs that are the old school on truck frames that barely squeak past 20mpg highway. Why buy, say a Tahoe/Suburban, when you can comfortably fit 7 in a crossover that gets better mileage and is more comfortable overall?

  7. Vince, you know the Traverse is going to be rated at 27MPG right? It also is a crossover vehicle. Yeah it’s big, it’s about the same size as the Flex you just tested but more modern looking. Personally I like the styling.

  8. I find it interesting how I’ve read many articles stating that the lights in the lower bumper are fog lights, when infact they are just blinkers.

  9. It’s time for Lutz to break the ugly stick and hire some real designers. There is nothing appealing about this
    that would make me run to the showroom.
    Also on my hit list:
    Colbolt = ugly
    Solstice= ugly
    Vibe/Matrix = ugly
    Lacross= la ugly
    G5 = ugly
    Grand Prix= mistake
    G6 GXP= kill me

    Ford Flex= nice
    Vett = almost good
    XLR= almost good
    Kuga= nice
    Escape = nice, but next!
    Focus = almost
    CTS= good!

    Camry = zzz
    Corolla = zzzz
    Squoria = time to die

    Sentra = time to die
    Xterra = time to die

    QX5 = time to die

    Piloit = no way
    Ridgeline = time to die
    Accord = maybe kill

    Mazda 3 = need to redesign
    CX-7 = thinking of killing
    Tribune = time to die

    Rl = must kill ASAP
    CLS = MUST KILL NOW!!!!!!

    Cheynne = stupid and should die

    XF= maybe kill soon if front is not redesigned to look more Jag. Tata = kill.

    – all die

    – all die

  10. I totally agree. By the looks of the comment he/she must work for ford.
    However, a few of those models that are commented on negatively outsell the ford product!!

  11. Saturnboy1…you’re kidding right? The Outlook DOES not get much more than 20 mpg on the highway. It is rated at 16-24 mpg, most claim about 20 -23 mpg at best on the highway. My experience with the Outlook, as well as my friend who owns a XR AWD, has been 11 – 13 mpg city and 19 – 22 mpg on the highway. Even with the new 3.6L DI, I would not expect to see 27 mpg in a vehicle of this size. If the numbers were unrealistic before, why would they be any more realistic in the ’09’s with the DI engine? The fuel economy numbers are no better than the average SUV and claiming they are is misleading.

  12. Well, they are still getting better milage on the highway when compared to the Tahoe/Yukon Hybrids….at $20,000 less too!

  13. a) this car is haneous no matter what it’s purpose
    b) admit it the post a few above me was entertaining
    c) whoever made the comment about rappers and gangsters, that was kind of low, but i’ll give it to ya. dont forget about the baby mama’s though

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