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The next La Crosse for the Chinese market will just be a re badged Opel Insignia. With a Buick grille.
This is NOT the one we’re getting here.
The new US La Crosse will have its own, and much more distinctive, design.

The Insignia will be our Saturn Aura.

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  1. Unlike the chinese Mondeo, this car doesn’t seem to be a lwb version of the European one. Strange…

  2. I don’t know why they have an Opel with Buick styling cues on it. The Buick Invicta concept (which is essentially a flashier version of the upcoming Lacrosse production vehicle was designed inside and out by North American and Chinese teams for both markets. That fact is proven by a recent article in Fast Company magazine. Also, judging by the rest of Buick China’s lineup, the new Lacrosse/Invicta would fit perfectly over there as is.

    Perhaps this is an early testing mule for the production vehicle and they hadn’t finished the final design for the rear yet or possibly a mule for a variant that China will only be getting. It would make sense since both cars are the same size and are on the same platform.

  3. Bad news. Just announced on The launch of the new Aura(Opel Insignia) is being delayed. Apparently GM is reevaluating the fuel economy of the car. This may not be a bad idea, but I don’t think they need to go crazy with delays. Myself, I think they should go big time with the direct injection 2.0l turbo engine and do something similar to what Audi is doing with their new 2.0l TFSI engine. In the next A4 Avant Quattro with this engine and a 6 speed auto, (weight about 3500-3600 lbs.), is expected to do 0 to 60 mph in about 6.2 seconds and get about 22 cty/32hwy mpg, with 211h.p. and……258 lb/ft of torque. I can see the next Aura with GM’s 2.0l DI turbo engine, 6 speed auto and AWD doing something similar. We’ll see I guess.

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