Chrysler 300 Hybrid

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Chrysler is seriously considering offering a Hybrid version of the next generation 300.
Due out in about a year.

That’s a great idea. If matted to a V6. And not to a V8 Hemi like in the (DOA) Hybrid Durango.
A hybrid with a small V6 getting 30mpg in the city would be a great way to go to keep the large American sedan alive.

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  1. Pathetic….
    When will you American’s realize that this is the reason why you have $5 a gallon gasoline….
    hooking up a battery to a large V6 or V8 like that Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and calling it green….
    This is the end of civilization

  2. Yes, a hybrid 300 is the end of civilization. It won’t be terrorism, famine, nuclear war, disease or God getting ticked off. It’ll be a Chrysler 300 with dubs and a battery.

    Nostradamus must be smacking his forehead pretty hard for missing the obvious. The 300 Hybrid will destroy the world. D’oh!

    Trolls are annoying.

  3. I agree with shiste, pretty tired looking at this point. Hopefully new sheet metal will come with the new powertrain.

  4. Not my kind of car, but I rented a 300 a few weeks ago in Colorado and got excellent fuel mileage, well over 30 mpg driving on I-25. It wasn’t very peppy, but that’s okay with that economy.

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