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This has to be one of these “nobody cares” car news.
The Hybrid Durango is finally coming out .
They claim it’ll get 20MPG while still using the big Hemi V8.

At $45 340 it isn’t cheap. Is anyone buying these truck based $45 000 SUVs anymore???

Chrysler needs something else, quickly….

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  1. Mopar simply lacks the ability to turn on a dime and make what’s really needed/useful at any given moment.

    Would anyone complain if this was the Journey or Patriot hybrid being announced?

  2. It’s actually fun to see these Goliaths killed off.

    David did it with a rock and a slingshot. Oil greed did it just as simply.

  3. You just can’t beat those high quality trucks made in Mexico with superior Mexican parts, let alone a Mexican Hybrid truck for almost 50 G’s! It is the bargain of the century!

  4. Wrong-0 gio water: Durango is made in Delaware.

    The Hemi engine is made in Mexico though, and the quality of the engine appears to be ok according to a variety of sources.

  5. I hope Gio water is right, all american companies have always ignored the signs of crap quality, crap resale value, and fuel hogs, they all deserve and will die soon!

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