Electric Smart for 2010

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The head of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche (remember him? The one who got promoted after ruining Chrysler) announced they will have an electric version of the Smart for 2010. And by then, the more efficient Ion batteries should be available.

I think the Smart is the perfect car to go electric. It makes much more sense than the regular one.
He also said another electric car will be sold under the Mercedes name.
That will probably be a version of the redesigned A class. For Europe only.

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  1. i just sat in one of these and the plastics really turned me off. For $14k, I would buy a Civic and still have room to place Douchesbags Jone’s porn collection.

  2. Try and find the windscreen washer bottle in one if you dont have an owners manual. You will just about pull the car apart.

  3. I still do not understand how a electric car is better than a diesel engine. You have to burn a fuel, turn a turbine, generate electricity, then send it over the electrical grid that can not handle air conditioners on a hot day. Did we forget about rolling blackouts?

  4. LOL, that is so true about him destroying chrysler, not sure bill ford could have done a worse job.

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