Escape plug-in Hybrid

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This is a working one.
Delivered to the US department of energy this week.

Not sure how long before we’ll see anything like this on the streets. Not this year, I know that.

Toyota has announced it will have a plug-in version of the new Prius for 2010. Using the new generation batteries.
That still mean buyers of the new Prius next year won’t get the new technology.
How weird…

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  1. The prius technology in 2010 will be far superior so it will probably make up for it not being available in 2009.

  2. Ok so we spend all these millions of dollars to create a hybrid, gas engine charging batteries, so it wont be a plug in, or put any strain on the electrical grid and now all the rage is a plug in hybrid ! kill our electrical grid and have bad batteries to dispose of ! guess im the only one that ever sees this valid point !!!

  3. i bet this is on sale already by but you kids and the pro import media arent even talking about it id of course

  4. The plug-in hybrid is ‘clean’ if the energy comes form renewable energy (and PSE does offer that in many markets). Valid point is that we don’t know how much energy it took to produce (&dispose) the batteries… But I doubt it wouldn’t be an improvement.

    I think US dept signed special ‘at your own risk’ paper:-). Toyota said it had to delay Lithum-Ion due to potential of fire hazard (and other manufacturers are struggling as well with this). So how did Ford fixed it already?

  5. Their needs to be a type of solar recharging device on these type of vehicles so eventually these dont destroy the electrical grid…

  6. Solar is a great idea, if just to ‘top of the charge.’ We can always retrofit commercial garage with solar panels and provide plugs to recharge the cars while we are at work or at the mall. This way it does not overload the grid at night when every car is ‘low’ on juice.

    That said, with lots of cars having the entire roof made of glass, why not retrofit solar panels in there to run accessories like the radio, ac etc. and cooling down or heating up the car while we are away from the car.

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