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I will be driving the all new ford Flex today.
Reporting as soon as they allow me to do so.

I actually can’t wait. I think this could be a great idea for Ford.
Just worried about gas mileage. 3.5 Liter is a big engine no matter what. And this is a big car.

we’ll see…

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  1. Ford has those commercials pushing “You’ll think your 6 is a 8”.

    How about “You’ll think your 4 is a 6”?

  2. This would be more appealing to the masses if it didn’t cost as much as Ford is setting their prices at. Just south of 30 G’s for the base model is way out of the price range for large families who this platforms mainly would serve. The Freestar and Windstar started at thousands less and served the same group of buyers.

  3. This vehicle is growing on me. I still would’nt buy it as I don’t need a vehicle like this. I can see where people are sick of suv’s and minivans and want something different that does similar things as the suv and minivan. Is that base price of $29k accurate though. If it is then I hope the only option to chec off will be all wheel drive. Wow, that’s a lot. If it’s true.

    Also, does anyone else remember those advertising campaigns of, “6 cylinders with the power of 8 cylinders and 4 cylinders with the power of 6 in the, oh I don’t know, was it the early ’90s or so….

  4. Ok, why would they let you drive it then make you sit on the information about how it drove? Who is running this company?

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