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The interior of the Flex isn’t as interesting as the exterior. At first.
Upon further inspection, it looks like the originality is in the details.
The texture on the upper door and facing part of the dash is made to look like some kind of animal skin.
It is pretty subtle but looks and feels really nice.
Most of the plastics are soft, but not all. yet everything looks of a high quality.

The perforated leather in the Limited model look both original and high end. The seats are great. They do look a bit flat until you seat in them. There is a slight feeling of “sinking in” and they feel great.

It’s too bad Ford didn’t chose a more original key for such an original looking car. This is pretty much the same one as many other, and cheaper, Ford models.

Again, this door lock switch is the same as in the escape and Focus. It is ugly in the these cars, so imagine how this looks in the Flex. Too bad…

The cargo room behind the 3rd row seat is fine. But it sure isn’t enough to carry 6 or 7 people worth of gear.
But I guess most SUVs/Minivans with 3 rows of seats don’t offer much more…

I know I’m being picky….

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  1. I like the interior door panels, especially the trim around the power window switch. But that power lock switch….I think Ford has been using that switch since 1987. I guess if Ford came out with a new switch the base price would have been $40k.

  2. Ford was trying to be more Flexible with materials
    and style than some accountant probably told them where to cut costs. Personally, I think Ford designs the nicest American cars but their engineering gets them in trouble.

  3. I think you should go and take a look at an Ody or a Sienna. It is a little shorter but offer lot more room for people and especially cargo behind the third row. Don’t know how they do it.

    The cargo of this Flex is no more roomy than my MPV, which is a lot shorter in length.

    I always say if you needed to carry 7-8 people, the minivan is a way to go (uses less fuel than your Suburban or Express)… but of course 80% of buyers don’t really carry more than 4 people so big behemoth like the Flex is another example of American’s wasteful use of resources 🙁

  4. if i was paying 40k for this i would atleast expect them to offer keyless ignition…and entry…

  5. I love the style of the Flex. Overall, I think it’s very cool. But the devil is in the details. I would NEVER consider a car that resembles any current NA Ford vehicle. The interior switchgear was better on my 1985 Thunderbird than the disgusting, hollow, sloppily molded stuff you’ll find on a new Focus or Mustang. Any evidence of this in the new Flex is a big miss on the part of Ford. The junky lego-quality lock switch is something that you’ll touch every time you drive the car or study while you’re in traffic. For such a critical vehicle, I really can’t believe that every inch of the interior wasn’t given a thoughtful design. If that’s the only oversight, I’d be shocked. But if it is, then congratulations Ford. The Flex is a very good idea and I’m interested in taking a look.

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