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Sorry this took me for ever to upload.
But Revver looks so much better than YouTube it’s worth the wait…

A video from last Monday’s drive all the all new 2009 Flex.
I tried to get as many views and details as I could so you guys could feel like you were there…

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  1. I am not in the market for a vehicle like this myself. However, fit and finish on this is amazing. I wish Ford the best with this vehicle.

  2. Great video, Vince. A nice look at the details that are almost never shown in old-school car mags or publicity photos. And much more interesting than footage of the Flex squealing through cones, which I am sure we can count on from Edmunds any day now.

    The ginormous Ford emblem/wart on the tail gate is hideous.

    Also, your arm is very hairy.

  3. As someone who ocassionally makes videos, this is truly an excellent one. Great focus, movement and visual interest. I love the music too.

    I wish the Flex wasn’t so expensive. The Limited model you showed is about $40k.


  4. Nice job Vince!! Did you by any chance sample lower end Flexes? Cloth seats, no wood grain, sunroofs, etc… And if you did, what were you impressions of those?

  5. Great video. I gotta say the still photos don’t do this vehicle justice. Looking at the video I can tell, I have to see this vehicle in person. The instrument panel, especially the center stack look real good; a nice clean design. I like the side stiching on the front headrests and I like the style of the other headrests. The fridge is nice. Does anyone know if it still works with the vehicle turned off? I’m guessing no since it would kill the battery. There seem to be a lot of real nice touches with the Flex. It appears it may be worth the money….too bad the competition is cheaper though. Good job Ford.

  6. Wow, this video made me want to go out and buy one, but I don’t have that currency with the Bennies on it.
    Burlapp, was the ride smooth and quiet?

  7. Sweet video! The more I see of the new Flex the more I like it. The design (inside and out) seems quite refined and (as Joe mentioned) well put together … the video gives the impression that Ford spent a lot of time sweating over small, but noticeable details. I hope this is a success for Ford. One of my old colleagues just started working in the Engineering Department at the Oakville plant that will be making these … if these sell well hopefully it means better job security for him.

  8. -The fridge does not work when the car is turned off.
    As I said before, you really need to make sure you don’t leave any frozen food in there overnight.
    -They only had loaded Limited models available for the drive.
    But there was a sample cloth seat on display and it didn’t look too great.
    -The ride is very quiet. When you don’t push the engine. Like most 3.5 Liter V6s it gets loud if you push it.
    And it is smooth but no magic carpet. The G6 convertible I was driving that week was much smoother.

  9. It’s going to tank if the MPG display in the instrument panel was correct- 14.5 mpg???

    You did a good job on the video.

  10. Hi, I monitor several webpages on behalf of Ford and I hope you don’t mind me posting here. I enjoy reading your page(s) and I like this detailed video of the Flex. I’ve seen many of them in person and pictures sometimes do not do justice to how it looks. I just wanted to mention that part of the reason for the “ginormous” rear emblem is that the rear camera is mounted inside of it. Being mounted in the emblem gives the camera a higher vantage point for wider view of what’s behind you.

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