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Just in case Ford needs something smaller than the Fiesta in the US, there is still the next Ka…

It is really small. But who knows, once gas gets to be over $5 a gallon, people might get desperate…

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  1. From what I see in spyshots everywhere, the new Ka looks just fine (obviously much better than the Brazilian abomination you posted a while ago). But its styling is quite generic compared with the uniqueness of the original. I don’t think Ford will ever be able to recapture the freshness and originality of the 1st gen

  2. Yea, if gas hits 5 bucks I think Ford will seriously consider bringing the Ka to the US. I think they already build them in Brazil for sales in Latin America so I think the only real obstacle would be to make it pass US crash tests. If the Smart can pass them then so can the Ka..

    I think these would be extremely popular in the major metro areas, especially in California.

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