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Just in time for a $5 a gallon gas in the summer.
The H2 and H3 carry between $4000 and $6000 rebates. Plus whatever deal you can get from your desperate local Hummer dealer.
You can lease an H3 for $299 a month.

GM is getting closer and closer to get rid of the brand by selling it.
Dealers are getting scared. They are now stuck with these fake off road tracks they had to install for test drives.

What an amazing and pretty quick turn around…

So if you need to tow your house, there are plenty of good deals right now.

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  1. hummer is doing fine gas will be much cheaper with pres mc cain so hummer will stay an ad these are g

  2. Douchebag,
    Mc Cain is good guy, but both politicians are shmucks.
    We need a real president to get rid of the crap in this country( you and the towel heads) blow up Pakistan’s tribal region and Iran.

  3. Yes just keep forcing up the price of fuel with those gas guzzlers.
    Keep up the american tradition.

  4. reading political comments here make me feel pretty sick!

    mc cain prez, yeah right… LOL… nothing against the man, but he stands for everything bush stands for… whoever votes for him deserves another disaster for the country…

    i hope the majority in the US finally woke up and realized that it’s almost too late to save the country… if not, the US will be a 3rd world country in 100 years… all tech companies moved to asia and europe, where there’s still cities with breathable air and non-polluting transportation….

    anyone with a sane mind looks @ what is and was going down in gitmo and all the other NSA/CIA camps, all the torture, and asks himself what he would do if a citizen of his country was wrongly abducted, tortured and imprisoned for years without the right to a lawyer nor trail…

    i really hope people get it and stop shouting for blood and violence… because everything you ask that it happens to others will happen to you…

    water-boarding, the torture method used by the US army and the CIA, led to the death of japanese prison guards that did that to US soldiers in WWII… think about that… now it’s ok to do it to other human beings, but back then it was a war crime… how sick is that????

    so next time you talk about stuff like this or go to the polls, just think if the person your planning to vote for is/was for those methods…

  5. the photo was taken in germany, lake constance, you can see the german plate on the smart, and the swiss plate on the hummer… but there’s plenty of hummer driven by germans too… nothing like in the US, but once in a while you see a “mom” driving her humus to the cleaners…

    i personally don;t care… since most of the hummers in germany have been converted to LPG, with $9/gallon there’s no other way… then it’s like $5-6/gallon after the LPG conversion… and it’s much cleaner too!

    even the famous geiger (corvette tuner) in munich converted his hummer limos to LPG… that says everything!

  6. Now if we can only get those HUGE quad cab pickup trucks with their dangerous and obnoxious drivers off the roads the world would be a safer and greener place to live in.

  7. GM, like everyone else, suffered through the last gas crisis. What did they learn from it? Zero nothing! Therefore GM deserves what they are getting, it really does look great on those arrogant GM upper managers. GM is finished! This Hummer, the azteck, the new camaro, the rest of their awkward lineups past and present…..and no, there is no future.

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