Hummer for sale?

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Seems that GM won’t scrap Hummer. They will sell it instead.
Both an Indian and Chinese companies are interested.

Who should get Hummer? What do you think?

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  1. China and the middle-east are not stupid enough to believe global warming and peak oil like Mercans and Euroslaves, so, either one.

  2. Good! GM has a huge payment coming up for the new UAW health plan. They’re going to need cash for that.

    Of course GM is still brand heavy. IMO they could be one bad ass lean machine if they dumped GMC, Buick, Pontiac, and Saab. GM really only needs Chevy, Caddy, and MAYBE Saturn. Doing so would greatly reduce their product development and marketing costs. I know Rick Wagonner would love to do this but, unfortunately GM simply doesn’t have the money to buy out all those dealers…

  3. To the comment above, alot of cars a nothing more than their maintstream cousins. Eg, Audi TT is based on the Golf. Hummer was one of the most differentiated GM brands, and look nothing like other GM cars or any other car for that matter. GM has alot on its hands, either they can spend the money re-inventing the brand or let another company do all the work.

  4. GM should either concentrate on the Hummer H4 and turn the division into a real competitor to the Jeep® Wrangler, or, since the H4 is built on the same platform as the Chevy Colorado pickup, sell it as a Chevy.

  5. for the #1 comment dumb ass who thinks india is in middle east get your shit right man..india is right next to china not in middle east….middle east is when americans are fucking iraqis….no wonder americans are fucking stupid…..

  6. India or China is the place to ship to Russia Middle East and China, retarded publik skewl tv-watching cretin.

  7. Hummers are only rebodied chevs anyway.
    Why doesn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger buy hummer??
    He really likes them.

  8. Yes that is why 90% of all significant inventions in the last 200 years have come out of the USA

    True. But don’t forget Germany and England come in a distant 2nd and 3rd.

  9. They should have an HHR based H5…might as well compete with the Jeep Compass…..but it probably isn’t worth it…SELL.

    The H1 will most likely be the one and only once again very soon…

  10. What about a hummer hybrid??
    Or would that take the masculinity away from it?

    Good point. Love the irony.

    Are you speaking of actual masculinity or contrived masculinity? There is a difference. This vehicle possesses merely the latter. And it’s what GM hoped would sustain sales.

    But Hummers are gossamer dreams for lesser men. Hard to build an empire on such an unstable foundation.

  11. A dude down the street with an H2 has a bumper sticker: “Plant Food Generator”

    For all you publik skewl losers…CO2 and Water (car exhaust) is plant food.

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