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Just a couple of pictures I took of the Flex.
Showing the interesting door design. With no separate rocker panels.
The doors go all the way to the bottom of the car…

No cap to take out when you need to get gas.
A simple idea really, that should be in every car.

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  1. And for that matter, how’re the leg and foot room in the Flex’s third row? We’ve got kids to haul, you know… ft

  2. Mark my words: the bottoms of the doors will rust out faster than anything seen before, we’ll start seeing it no later than 2013. (at least in Canada and northeast U.S.)

    Also, the dents you see in some cars’ rockers panels from mishaps will translate to not being able to close the door properly with the Flex. Whoops!

  3. The doors go all the way to the bottom of the car…

    Like someone else above thought, too, what a shin-killer design. Imagine parking on a hill and the door comes slamming back on your leg. Another stupid idea from Ford.

  4. Never mind smacking the bottom of those doors on the kerb.
    At least it will keep the panel shops in business…

  5. The fridge does work and it even has a freeze option. Just don’t let anything frozen in there overnight.

    But it is too small. You can only fit 3, maybe 4 soda cans in there. In a 6 passenger car….

  6. The 2008 Toyota Highlander has similar doors that go all the way down to the bottom without a rocker panel. The bottoms do not curve in as they appear to do on the Flex. I have not really noticed any difference getting in and out as opposed to the traditional design on the previous generation Highlander.

  7. SALT ALWAYS FINDS A WAY TO PENETRATE and RESIDE IN OPENINGS and GAPS. The rear door does not look like it opens enough to let people or big items in with ease. This HUGE and LONG boat must be a real chore to parallel park.

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