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The new Diesel version of the Jetta will start at $22 000 in the US.
And $23 600 for the wagon.
A regular 2.5 Liter gas Jetta starts at $17 000.
Not sure yet if the TDI comes with more equipment. Otherwise this is a $5000 premium.
And that’s pretty insane.

The Jetta Diesel is officially rated at 29/40 MPG.
But VW claims real life mileage will be more like 38/44 MPG.
We’ll see about that.

Even if it’s true, Diesel is about $1 more a gallon than gas. Plus that $5000 premium on the car itself.

It doesn’t look like the Jetta will be the one starting the Diesel craze in the US…

Let see how much Nissan (Maxima) and Honda (Accord) will charge for their diesels…

Apparently, the TDI will be the equivalent of the Jetta SE. Which costs $20 500.
The the premium for the Diesel is, then, only $1500.
A much better deal. If the car really gets 40mpg, that’s pretty much similar to a Camry Hybrid. For much less money and with a much simpler technology. With cheaper maintenance.

The price of diesel fuel is still the main problem…

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  1. Vince… yes, this price sounds more reasonable.
    I will check one out soon( test driver car should be around before July, I was told) and see how it handles/sounds/the whole test drive bit.
    If (after 6 months) of real world testing …(and by you)… this thing does get 44(mid-40’s)MPG….
    hwy… we may have to buy one next !
    Just wondering, though, how much for maintainence..etc…how reliable will it be?
    PS: in my area… diesel is anywhere from .56 cents per gallon more than 87 Octane, to “as much” as .80 cents per gallon more(in the major city the country areas, it’s 10-24 cents less… and nowhere near 1 dollar more per gallon than gas..yet).

  2. Now.. if they would only make this a 4 door hatchback…it would be “perfect”( I dislike sedans, pretty much…. not as functional as a hatchback, and sometimes, not as sporty'”cool” looking, like that Rowe 500 hatchback…for example.).
    Oh well…(and …no..that sportwagon/sportwagen VW will have out.. Jetta version.. it is not to my liking. it’s ok…but, not for me).

  3. VW, since the Phaeton died, builds nothing even close to a Maxima. Nissan Diesel technology is Faaaaaaar superior to vw’s old cooking oil burners. Nissan Rocks, VW walks.

  4. I can see california people driving this down to mexico to get cheaper diesel only to have mexican high sulphur diesel clog the fuel injection…cheap maintenance?

  5. HeHe…Just wait until they see the cost of replacing the fuel injection system after some dirty diesel 🙂

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