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Finally the production version of the hatchback Lancer.
So far not for the US.

You would think Mitsubishi would push the Lancer these days. I almost never see any advertising for this car.
I see more Imprezas than the new Lancer around.
That’s saying something….

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  1. Vince is trying to say that he doesn’t care for the Impreza, maybe.

    Actually, I come to like the new Impreza, especially in the WRX trim in both hatch and trim. The car is missing a sunroof and personally I think they should add better padding the the car’s celling as found in VWs. Honetly, what car can you still buy that is still made in Japan and have awd for that price. Just the SX4 and this one.

  2. It’s still confusing why Americans won’t buy hatchbacks. They think nothing of the hatch door if it’s connected to an SUV or a soft-roader, but not on a car by god.

    This Lancer Sportback’s rear looks not unlike a baby Lexus RX, at least in proportions, back glass angle, tail light placement, and spoiler.

  3. The rear comes straight from the Daewoo Nubira hatch. (Or Holden Viva in Australia)

    Yes, similarities with those cars, too.

    I hope to see American markets gain more premium compacts like the Mazda3 hatch, of which is a kissing cousin to the Euro Focus. How can Ford justifiably say it’s too expensive to bring the Euro Focus to the States, but the Mazda3 has been a strong seller in a competitive price field? Ford tarts up a Volvo V50 wagon or a C30 (same platform) and sells them for a premium. Would it be too crowded a field?

    Oooh, speaking of Volvos…


  4. looks very old-school hatch to me, like the sedan was the primary model and this was an after thought. after Mitsubishi had that cool diesel hatch concept, i was expecting something more interesting.

  5. Not smart to leave the us out….especially now. They want more people to buy the Eclipse I guess…

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