Land Rover Ventura

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Coming before 2012.
The new Ventura will be based on the Freelander.
It will basically be a 7 seater Freelander. (LR2 in the US).
With a revised exterior and interior.

With Hummer going down the toilet, I’m not sure how bright the future is for Land Rover.
Looks like Ford got rid of it just in time.

Although they do offer all their models with a diesel option. In Europe.

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  1. I agree with you that Ford got it right with LR, although they got it wrong selling their only luxury car brand along with it. Just when Jag was getting interesing!!!

  2. Alright! Just what we all need! Another SUV! WWWWOOOOOOHHHOOOOO! The timing of it all could’nt be better. I think it would have been better if they came out with a BMW X6 competitor.

  3. Would guess this will replace the LR3 which has been maligned since the start. Probably not a bad idea. Of course even the most affordable, most efficient LR2 is selling horribly right now.

  4. I was wondering what direction of design LR would go in…

    But a 7 Seater freelander? What’s next, a 2 Seater Dodge Caravan Convertible or a 6 seater Miata?

  5. I heard Damiler wants more of a stake in the company
    and might even want to buy it from Tata …which is a good thing.

  6. Land Rover has a HUGE cult following. Us snobbies don’t care about gas mileage. And there is nothing wrong with the LR3/Disco 3! The hippo (or LR2) will always have trouble selling due to Range and Disco install base. Give us back the Defender already.

    PS. real men pour corn gas in their frosted flakes.

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