Lexus Prius?

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The al new Prius will be introduced at the next Detroit show in January.

It will use an improved version of the current model’s battery system.
But about a year later, a Lexus version of the Prius will come out using all new batteries designed by Toyota and Panasonic.
(Is that going to be even less fun to drive than the regular Prius?)

I guess the Toyota might get the new technology a year after that. Just in time for a refresh.

Not sure yet about the plug-in thing. I know Toyota is racing with GM to have the 1st mass produced plug-in hybrid on the road.
And the Volt is still scheduled for 2010.

Should be interesting…

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  1. The unfortunate thing is, is with traffic congestion and beat up roads there’s not much fun in driving most of the time. So, might as well save money. Especially if my destination is more fun/important than the tool I take to get there.

    BTW, I liked the ‘The Hollywood Extra’ than the ‘Vince Burlapp Car Page’, nothing personal.

  2. I looooovvvee the black window filler behind the rear side window. Other than that it does’nt seem any different from the regular Prius. This concept reminds me of the theory behind the old Cimmeron. I’m sure this is more reliable though.

  3. Prius+GS=that thing

    I thought Toyota was going to spawn “Prius” into it’s own brand? This lexus version seems to cut any possibility of that. I’m actually surprised at that move.

    The front end of it looks like the current Prius though. It’s interesting that they will bring back a sedan version.

    I’m sure a prius CUV isn’t far behind though.

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