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Just a few newer pictures. It is coming out in a few weeks.
I sat in a couple of them last year, and it reminded me of what I think of the Fusion.

A car with a great looking front end, but the rest of it looks pretty boring. Nothing that special.

And the interior is OK for its class, but again, nothing great.
Probably a really nice car to drive.

Just like the Fusion….

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  1. Most reviews have been good and everyone seems to say the interior is its best attribute,also the ride and looks sweet to me I don’t know what the hell you are talkin about saying its boring.Also, how the hell does it remind you of the fusion.

  2. Vince, I couldn’t agree with you more. The front end of the car looks good and is quite distinctive. The rest of the car looks okay, but has a very generic feel to it. One thing does seem a little funky to me … the belt line in the car is quite high (ie, lots of metal relative to glass). When this car comes out it would be interesting to sit in it and see if that high belt line translates in to a claustrophobic (read: claw foot bath tub) type interior.

  3. The front, especially the headlights looks a lot like the current honda civic.

    btw, i’ll be getting a new civic soon…

  4. I think it’s an all-around nice car, and a revitalized car to prevent Lincoln from being just another fleet of rebadged Fords.

    However, launching without EcoBoost will prevent it from being that great car. I’d like to see its performance numbers next year with EcoBoost.

  5. It looks so plain-Jane. A wonderful rental car to enjoy on vacation. Is Lincoln on its way out too along with Merc?

    Not ugly, just nice looking. Nothing special.

  6. The car is way too thick looking in the side profile! If the designers would have taken a 5″ section out of the middle it would look so much better!

  7. I like it a lot. I hope that this isn’t a replay of the LS which was a great sedan that received great reviews when it was launched. But it withered on the vine from corporate neglect. Ford continues to do the same thing with their vehicles… launch a great car and then they think they’re done for ten years.

  8. Cars like this make me sad. This is the perfect segment for an american car company to really make its mark and get some sales going.

    But, this car is TOO bland. It will fizz out in sales after only a few months and drag on the dealers lots for years before it is properly replaced.

    The designers, the executives, they share more blame than the factory workers who are going to be fired over this.

  9. Hey Vince,

    I checked out the MKS close up at Detroit’s NAIAS.

    The MKS styling was attractive, but didn’t appear very distinctive or expensive looking.

    MKS needs centre opening rear coach/suicide doors and a stylish rear end to liven up the look a bit.

    The MKS has a nice interior that would be beautiful first class look for a Sable or Taurus, but is too plain for a luxury car.

    A Lincoln needs a more glamorous and expensive looking interior.

    MKS seems a nice enough car that needed just a little bit more work to make it seem special.

  10. I think he was comparing the fusion attributes and not saying it looks the same. I agree. Cool front the rest zzzzzzzzzzz, interior nice but nothing super, probably drives really well, the difference for me is pricing. Fusion is a great deal, this at the current pricing will not be.

  11. It does not in any way resemble a Ford Fusion.

    No one said it did.

    Anyway, the Insignia style blows this away.

  12. Once they hit the roads they should have a noticable impact.
    Illustrations might not do it justice but in the flesh may very well do.

  13. gorgeous, but if you are competing with G35, forget it. it has alot of Nissan /infiniti styling which are currently the prettiest cars. New Maxima will stomp and tromp this car.

  14. This Lincoln shares the platform with the new Jag XF and in fact the rear doors are exactly the same. That rear side window extends so far back that when the door is opened it will knock you in the gut..stupid design!
    Front end, nice. Sideview, yawn. Rear view, whatamess.

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