Malibu on top.

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At least in JD Powers initial quality survey.
The Malibu won the midsize car segment.
I think last year’s winner was the Fusion. Which is now 3rd, behind the Mitsubishi Galant.
Yes, the Galant. They are still making it.

Also in the ” they’re still making it” category, the Pontiac Grand Prix. Winner of the large car segment. Kind of weird.
2008 is the last year for the Grand Prix. Reminds me when years ago, the Pontiac 6000 got the same award in its last year of production.

So American cars are getting much better. Much better than most people even now.
Accord and Camry are not even in the top 3.

It’s time for most people to re-think everything about car quality.
And let’s not make the mistake of counting out our US manufacturers.

(But where is Chrysler in all that???)

More on the whole thing when you click on the title.

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  1. Sure am glad they didnt judge the grand prix on looks, cause it is so damn dorky looking ! always has been since front wheel drive versions came out !

  2. I owned a Pontiac, a 1988 Grand Am. I had to replace the ENTIRE exhaust system at 50K miles.

    Initial quality is nice, but I have 140K miles on my Subaru and it drives as good and inexpensively as ever. Will the Malibu do that?

  3. Good for GM. Hopefully this is a sign that things have really changed in GM’s puzzle palace. Initial quality is great but some of the other bloggers bring up a good point. What’s going to happen 50000 miles from now. I, myself have had pretty good luck with GM cars in the past, but if as much time, effort and money went into this car as I think may have gone into it, then I think it’ll be a good long term investment. Time will tell though.

  4. Good luck to anyone who keeps one of these so called quality leaders more than 3 or 4 years. Parts tend to degrade much faster on domestic built vehicles and that would include the Camry and Accord (which are both built right here in the states with Mexican and Canadian parts as well). If you plan on financing a vehicle for 5 or 6 years be prepared for extra expenses after your 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty is up with these so called winners!

  5. Initial quality is irrelevant. Long term reliability is what counts. If there are no objections and discussion, Everybody say Aye.

  6. Initial quality can also cover issues that have to do with the dealership, not just the actual product. A poor detail job or salesman’s lack of knowledge at delivery can give a car a bad rating.

    A car that is more advanced technically can also get a bad rating as the customer doesn’t understand how to work everything and then dings the car on the survey. I agree with previous posters, this rating isn’t one to get excited over.

  7. Seems like many of these readers are smarter than you think “Vince”. Whoring yourself to GM doesn’t suddenly make your readers ignorant or mindless. People just don’t trust you to be impartial or objective anymore and thats starting to show.

  8. like any other gm that has won a pitty award out of the gate. these political wins are to balance a true quality industry. The Japs own quality. are the people telling us this the same people who would 3 years from now, prefer a used Altima or a worthless used malibu? junk is junk!

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